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Of all the ancient Guymelefs, none invoke as much awe as the Guymelefs built by the Ispano people with Atlantean techniques. This "Ispano White" Guymelef is all the more unique in that it took the Ispano 150 years to manufacture, and it can transform into dragon mode for flying. However, operating the Escaflowne requires a blood pact with the pilot and all the consequences that entails. Van earns the right to pilot the Escaflowne when he extracts a Drag-Energist crystal as part of his pre-coronation ritual.
Type Guymelef
Affiliation Fanelia
Height 8.2 costa
Length 13.5 costa (Dragon mode)
Weight 7.5 peizo
Energists 2 green, 1 red, 1 drag-energist (in red energist, after Fanelian royal coronation rite)
Weapons Sword

Note: Shoji Kawamori says that Yasuhiro Imagawa (the director initially chosen for the project) coined the name Escaflowne before leaving the project. Kawamori thinks the name may be related to "escalation." Speculation to the contrary, "Escaflowne" does not appear in Arthurian legends. Escavalon, as opposed to Escaflowne, is a place Perceval visits in Chretien de Troyes's Perceval (The Story of the Grail).


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