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Hitomi Kanzaki (Hoshino)

First-year high schoolgirl (known to the people of Gaea as the girl who came from the "Mystic Moon")
Hitomi is about as normal as Japanese teenage girls go with a best friend named Yukari, a spot on the high school track team, and a crush on the team's star sprinter. However, her spirited earnestness and fascination in fortune-telling (especially tarot readings and dowsing) sets her apart. Years ago, her grandmother gave her a set of tarot cards and an unusual red pendant which, along with her enigmatic visions, play a pivotal role her adventures on Earth as well as on Gaea.

Age 15
Gender Female
Birthplace Japan, Earth
Birthday December 9
Height 160 cm
Weight 44 kg
Family Father, mother, younger brother
Debut Episode 1
Voice Maaya Sakamoto
Voice (Movie) Maaya Sakamoto

Note: "Hitomi" means pupil or iris (as in the "color" of the eye). The staff chose her name to symbolize the eye which "can see the invisible." Her name was initially to be written in kanji, but the staff eventually opted to go with hiragana. In both Katsu-Aki's shounen and Yuzuru Yashiro's shoujo manga versions, her name is Hitomi Hoshino, a name which was also proposed earlier for the anime version. ("Hoshino" as written can be a wordplay on the phrase "of the stars.")

When creator Shoji Kawamori first conceived of a story on a world invisible from Earth (more than five years before the anime's debut), Hitomi was initially not the protagonist. In fact, it was only some years later in development that the production staff decided to have a female main lead. Director Kazuki Akane takes credit for insisting that Hitomi have short coifed hair instead of the long hair in Nobuteru Yuuki's initial designs.


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